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RIGCERT is an accredited certification body operating on the European market since 2012.

We provide training, audit and certification services for multiple fields including quality management, information security, environmental management, occupational health & safety, energy management, road traffic safety, business continuity or anti-bribery management.

Our management system certification services help organizations demonstrate their commitment to fulfil requirements accepted at international level and stay ahead of the competition in the ever-challenging business environment of today.

The value of certification is given by the trust it provides to the public; therefeore it is vital that this process is done impartially by competent personnel. Our policy on impartiality is available here.

We aim to offer valuable services that ensure the recognition of certificates by all interested parties. Therefore, our management system certification services are covered by accreditation for the most popular management system standards.

We provide training and certification services for individuals to help them obtain the recognition they deserve for their knowledge of standards and management system requirements.


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