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RIGCERT is a Greek certification body established in Thessaloniki and active in several European countries since 2012.

We provide training, audit and certification services for multiple fields including quality management, information security, environmental management, occupational health & safety, road traffic safety or business continuity.

Our services are meant to help organizations show their commitment to fulfilling requirements accepted at international level and stay ahead of the competition in the ever-challenging business environment of today.

The value of certification is given by the trust it provides to the public; therefeore it is vital that this process is done impartially by competent personnel. Our policy on impartiality is available:

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Accreditation brings value to certifications, provides trust and ensures the recognition of certificates.

RIGCERT is accredited by the Greek National Accreditation Body (ESYD) for the certification of management systems according to the accreditation certificate available here. The details of our accreditation can be consulted on the website of ESYD.

ESYD is one of the founding members of EA (European Accreditation), a member of IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and a signatory of all relevant MLAs (Multilateral Agreements).

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