For a company to maintain its succes its vital to have a solid risk management process that will cover also the risks associated to its suppliers, agents, partners or similar third parties whose activities can have an impact on the organization itself.

Its known that generally a company has detailed information about 15% of its suppliers while the rest represent "unknown territory". On the other hand the reliance on third parties increases for most organizations. Responsibility towards the customer remains with the company although some activities are actually peformed by a contractor or outsourced.

So, how can an organization ensure that its suppliers meet requirements? Either by employing an internal team of auditors or by working with a specialized audit services provider who has the experience, knowledge and resources offer reliable second party audits.

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Supplier audits (or second-party audits) can be useful to obtain critical information for the qualification and selection of your business partners. It can be really expensive to develop a body of auditors so an effective solution is to rely on an experienced service provider, like RIGCERT; whose competence for and resources are validated by hundreds of audits for various disciplines and of course our accreditation for management system certification.

Areas for second party audits include: conformity to contract requirements (i.e. fulfiling SLAs), organization and human resources, health & safety, data protection and security; business continuity arrangements, social responsibility, etc. Obviously the requirements are discussed and agreed depending on the specifics of each project.

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